New Year, New…

Now since the pandemic is still going strong, it’s been hard coming up with new posts (hence the 2 month hiatus).
Coming into 2021, we were all excited to leave the whirlwind of 2020 behind us. Here we are in week 4 and nothing actually seems different does it? People are still working from home, masks have become our biggest accessory and our cats now more than ever cannot wait to get us out of the house. Until we leave, then of course they act like we’ve abandon them when we come back.
At the end of every year we (or at least I) measure out where we wanted to be vs where we are. We look at our resolutions and try to figure out how to accomplish it in 2 weeks then turn around and set the same resolution for next year.
So here we are, it’s next year. I haven’t rolled any resolutions over but made monthly goals that I look at every day every month. Because you can’t predict what the world is going to throw your direction, you have to be able to take it, handle it and move forward. Let’s see where this year takes us!

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Hello! Welcome to Muddy Paws. I am a Seattle based pet sitting and dog walking company. With almost 20 years experience, I started my career as a nanny where I would house/pet sit while families were on vacation. I've taken this experience and passion to starting my own business. Muddy Paws is licensed and insured, I promise the best care for your pets while you are at work, on vacation or just needing some additional help during a busy day.

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