Monday Vibes

Getting back into that Monday groove is hard on its own. Coming back after vacation is especially hard.
In the 45 minutes it’s taken me to get this far I’ve dusted, vacuumed twice, taken my dog out, done the dishes & laundry and made my second cup of coffee. Anything to pull me away from what I should be focussing on. Typical Monday.
I took a few days to escape reality, smokey skies & social media to camp the Hoh (if you haven’t been, I highly recommend it).
Traveling with a pet is extremely challenging. I am one that wants to have my dog with me on every adventure. I miss her when I’m gone, she loves the outdoors and is the perfect camping partner. If I find a spot that doesn’t allow her I tend to change my route, this trip however was an experience I couldn’t pass up.
Reading about the Hoh, in several articles they mention that pets are not allowed. Being in the Hoh, there are dogs literally everywhere. So imagine my disappointment when I had to leave my dog behind only to find out she actually could have come along.
Like most people coming back from a trip, I spent the last few days going through pictures, unpacking, cleaning, catching up on social media & getting back to reality.
One of my favorite pictures was Luna (pictured). While I laid on Ruby Beach, this little love came up and found her spot next to me on my blanket and let me pet her while reading Brave (mostly staring off into the Ocean and napping, but I tried).
You have to be a certain kind of person to be in this line of work. With people you sort of fake it til you make it. Animals read you differently, they sense your character. So when you get a little dog like Luna that can just walk right up to you and make themselves comfortable, you can’t help but get that sense of gratification.
So as I finish this way too many hours later, I’ve come to realize that Mondays aren’t actually that bad. When you do what you love, you don’t dread tomorrow.

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