That Quarantine Life

Sitting here on day 161 of the “stay home, stay safe” order, I wonder if there is actually an end in site.
I’ve read (and please don’t quote me, I’m no expert in this by any means) that 1) shelters have cleared since quarantine. This is amazing! But, 2) these new quarantine pets are getting so used to their owners being home all day, that when/if this lifts, they’re going to have some serious separation anxiety. I noticed with my own pets when I leave, they look at me like “where do you think you’re going?” I left my dog alone for an hour and a half recently to run errands and came home to an entire loaf of bread being pulled off of the counter and eaten. Checking on a pair of sister dogs last week, I walked into the garbage and recycling cans being pulled out and scattered all throughout the house.
All for the most part, very good dogs. So, how do you socially distant from your pet while needing to be socially distant from the world?
Again, I am not a professional and these are just some things that have worked for me –

  • Read a book (or 7!) – when I was working at the hospital, my commute was my “me time.” As in, this is when I would read, watch a show (or two depending on traffic) and listen to a podcast. This is how I would mentally prepare for the day and mentally unwind at the end of it. Now that I’m not taking that commute I just find a spot outside, at a park, or on my paddle board to unplug and get my read on.
  • Have coffee outside – as weird as it sounds, I’m a sucker for the bundled up on the couch cup of coffee. Pour a cup, or support your local barista and go buy a cup and enjoy the sounds of the city, nature or just silence.
  • Take a walk without your dog – this sounds like a huge nope and I have award time every time I walk somewhere without a leash in my hand. It’s definitely relaxing though to get lost in your own neighborhood and if you have a reactive dog like me, it’s nice to let that guard down for a few minutes. Trust me, your dog will still love you when you get home.

This might sound more like self care, which in a sense it is. You need to be able to do you while helping your dog not make a mess out of your house.
Lastly, what to do when you finally go back into the office? Call me of course! Your pets are getting so used to you being around all day, they’re going to need that midday break to go outside, sniff around and get some exercise.

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